The students of School of Economics are from a varied group, all very promising with high merit in their academic achievements, and majority of them being girls. From among this group several have achieved National & International achievements worth highlighting.

Millennium Fellowship Class of 2021

 11 students of School of Economics have been selected for the prestigious Millennium Fellowship Class of 2021 by MCN and United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). This is a semester-long (August 2021- November 2021) leadership development program which aims to take our social impact to the next level.

Summer Internship project

Summer Internship project:

Three students of the class, Ananya Parida, Ankita Choudhury & Amrita Choudhury were selected for internship at Summer School of the London School of Economics in Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics.

Wege Prize, International Championship, 2018 :

The same three girls Ananya Parida, Ankita Choudhury & Amrita Choudhury were the Semifinalists of Wege Prize, International Championship, 2018 by Ferris State University, Michigan under the mentorship of Prof. Shovan Ray, Dean SE.

Wege Prize
Accomplished Odissi

Accomplished Odissi Dancer :

Ananya Parida is an accomplished Odissi Dancer and is a part of Padmashree Aruna Mohanty’s Dance troupe. She has performed in the National Conference on “Remembering Mahatma Gandhi: Compassion & Relevance for our times” organized by XIM University on 31st January 2018.

SBI Vigilance awareness week award for debate:

Nayonika Chakraborty & Kavya Patnaik have won the 2nd and 3rd Prize for elocution competition organized by SBI during Vigilance awareness week.

SBI Vigilance
Ankita Chaudhury_1

Ankita Chaudhury:

  • Semi finalists of Wege Prize 2018, international championship by Ferris State University,Michigan.
  • Research Internship at London School of Economics.
  • Hindustani Classical Music and Dance Graduate.
  • 2nd Runner-up in Syllable Gig organised by Xavier’s.

Nayonika Chakraborty:

  • Winner in Red F.M Radio All India Talent hunt at  XIM university 
  • Participated in IAJBS Cultural program held at XIM university.
  • Got third position in Unnovations Dance held at XIM university.
  • Participated in SDSU cultural program Dance Coal held at XIM University.
  • Got “Coal minister award Excellent volunteer certificate” at Coal India limited cultural program Dance.
  • Sbi vigilance awareness week debate—2nd prize
  • Syllable gig
    • Solo dance- 1st prize
    •  Solo singing- 2nd prize
  • Xpressions
    • Classical dance competition– special mention prize
    • Vaktritva—participation prize
    • S.D.S.U program summit by the School of Sustainablility—- Dance Performance
  • Xurbia
    • Fashion show
  • Xuhotsav
    • Solo dance B. Group dance
Nayonika Chakraborty_1
Kavya Patnaik_1

Kavya Patnaik:

  • SBI vigilance awareness elocution 3rd prize
  • Participation in XIMB, XIM University MUN 2017
  • HABITUX debate 1st prize

Amulya Sanivarapu ; Vedika Wangikar:

  • Both of them participated in MUN at XIMB and received best first timer in MUN, Speak Up.
  • Amulya participated as a dance performer in Syllable gig 2.0
  • Amulya was the elocution participant in SBI Vigilance awareness week.
  • Amulya was the Poem recitation & Fashion show participant in XURBIA.

Amrita Choudhury & Ankita Choudhury

Won Second Prize at Asia Investment and Banking Conference at Hong Kong Organized by The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK.  

Simran Singh

Won First prize in basket ball and throw ball held at XIM University. 

Amruta Mishra

Won Gold medal in throw ball at XUBRIA eventb held at XIM University.